Communty Cats of Palm Coast, a 501(c)(3) organization, is run by a small group of volunteers and is funded by donations. Meet our Board of Directors.

Elizabeth Robinson, Founder

Jessica Myers

Executive Director

Elizabeth is a former journalist and longtime animal advocate. She started Community Cats of Palm Coast in 2013 in response to the overwhelming overpopulation of feral cats in Flagler County, FL.  

Jessica is a former paralegal, Veterinary Technician and a long time animal advocate. She joined Community Cats in 2019. After some time of offering her trapping and socializing skills she joined the organization as co-director, so that she could focus completely on all aspects of the rescue. Upon our founder, Elizabeth Robinson's retirement she is now in the sole position of Executive Director

Judy McGovern
Steve Robinson

Judy is a lifelong cat lover who assists with fundraising and efforts to improve municipal policy and treatment of homeless cats.

Steve is a retired journalist who assists with trapping, equipment, and business functions of Community Cats of Palm Coast.

Diana Lemon
Sandra Mallard

Diana is an animal lover and foster with many years of experience. Diana has fostered multiple kittens for Community Cats of Palm Coast and assists us in our adoption efforts.

Sandra is a foster for Community Cats and helps with policy, advocacy, and fundraising.

Nancy Golden
Viv Holt

Nancy is an animal advocate who assists with outreach and a variety of other rescue activities. She is also the Manager of our Thrift Store that opened December, 2019.

Viv is an animal advocate with a talent for taming the most feral of kittens. She and her husband Vincent have fostered many kittens for Community Cats of Palm Coast

Delfina Tomaini
Angie Pascucci

Delfina is an animal lover and experienced trapper who serves as a TNR coordinator.

Angie is a veterinary technician and foster.


General Communication

Trap-Neuter-Return Assistance
TNR assistance or questions not covered on site,

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Community Cats of Palm Coast

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