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Occasionally we are asked to assist in helping to re-home kittens/cats that can longer be kept by their current owners. Many times this occurs when an abandoned stray is taken in and the person is willing to care for it, but only temporarily.  As a courtesy we will assist the current owners by advising them of local groups on social media and any other appropriate advice. We also post them here and on our Facebook Page. Please be advised that any information included has been provided by the current owner and has not been verified by us. We are not responsible for inaccurate information. Please contact the current owner with the information provided in the post. Additionally, we are not part of the adoption process and are not responsible for any decisions regarding adoption.

Meet Kyle ! This wonderful tomcat was left behind in the B section when his family moved away. He got thinner and thinner until a neighbor found, took pity on him and began feeding him. He is now vaccinated and neutered. Despite being  FELV positive, he is otherwise healthy and can enjoy a long life with other FELV vaccinated cats indoors. He would thrive as a only cat or with his own space.  To give Kyle the loving home he deserves, please call 386-793-9958.

This is Cookie and he so needs a new home. Cookie is six months old, affectionate and sweet, and about to be neutered and vaccinated. To meet him contact 386-871-1932.

 This is Jasper, and he is a really special cat. Super loving with people. Where you are, is where he wants to be. Unfortunately, he is an Alpha male personality and doesn't do well with other cats. Does seem okay with dogs. Jasper is two years old and neutered. He will do great as an only cat with an owner who likes to snuggle! Jasper also loves a safe inside/outside space (screened porch, lanai, etc.) To meet him contact 386-212-8185.

This is Masky. He is six months old and is the sweetest, most affectionate kitten. Will nuzzle and cuddle, and be the best companion! The woman who rescued him and his sibling is getting him neutered and vaccinated. All he needs is a great home. Contact 386-871-1932. 

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