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Thank you for your interest in joining our Foster Network !

Fostering can be a rewarding experience. At CCOPC it is one of our most important volunteer opportunities. The basic requirements are as follows. If you accept these terms and wish to proceed, please complete the  application using the link provided. You will be contacted with in 72 hours by our Foster Coordinator. If you do not receive a response within that time frame, please check your spam folder and email

1) A separate space for fosters so there is no contact between them and your own animals.

2) The ability to transport your fosters to our location within City Marketplace in Palm Coast, to our veterinarians office when needed in Palm Coast and to any/all adoption events.

3) The ability to pick up supplies from our location.

4) The ability to commit to a 2-10 week foster stay without any planned vacations or events where you would need to return any fosters placed with you.

5) The ability to administer oral medications, ointments

6) Have enough time to be able to spend a minimum of 6-8 hours with fosters daily.

7) Be prepared to say goodbye when they have been adopted. We do not have a "Foster to Adopt" program. You will not have the ability to keep foster kittens.

We also expect you to be fostering for us exclusively, as we expect for you to be available when we need you. Of course emergency’s come up and your personal lives are respected however unless we are told you aren’t available for a certain time period we expect to be able to place fosters with you.

With CCOPC your not just feeding and sheltering kittens, you are nurturing and socializing them to prepare them for their permanent homes. We have guidelines that need to be followed and also rules set by our veterinarian, the state and our Director. Fosters are placed with you based on the space you have to offer and your experience. They are placed in litters of 2-8 again based on certain factors. We place fosters with you based on need. You do not get to pick out kittens or litters. They remain with the foster until they are adopted or other arrangements are made. This is typically 3 days to a week after their spay/neuter surgery which occurs at the age of 12 weeks old.

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