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Kitten Season Spotlight

Kitten Season Spotlight

Apparently I have not witnessed a true kitten season yet. Our Director has been through many years of them.

Some years are better than others. Some of those years are full of heartbreak instead of adoptions.

At CCOPC , we have to make tough choices. Being the only non funded cat rescue in Flagler County, we have to choose what calls we can answer. When it comes to kitten season, a lot of calls will go unanswered.

We don’t have the ability to take in every single cat that needs help. When it comes to kittens, that’s multiplied. Especially without foster support.

We do what we can to rescue as many as we can. And we have taken in 26 kittens , and three mamas and counting in less than a week  into our rescue.

This is an  account, one look into what we do. If we were a funded organization we could do much more.

Help us by contributing to our mission: Community Cats of Palm Coast | Donately


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