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Rehoming a Cat and How CCOPC Can Help

Here’s What You Do:

  1. Send us a few really good photos of the cat looking relaxed and making EYE CONTACT with the camera. Social media is a noisy place with many images of pets needing homes. Get the best photos you can, ones that will make people stop scrolling and take interest. If there is more than one cat, please send individual photos. Examples of proper pictures can be found HERE.

  2. Provide the cat’s name, age, location, vetting history, compatibility with other cats and with dogs, a phone number for the post, an explanation of why the cat is being rehomed, and info on the cat’s personality and behaviors. Details help us write an effective narrative! But if the cat is a stray, or one you don’t know well, we will work with whatever info you can provide.

  3. Keep us in the loop. Let us know if a cat has been adopted or needs reposting. We are not able to track the outcome of every courtesy post. You will get the most out of working with us if you communicate. 

Here’s What We Do:    

  1. We design a courtesy post for our Facebook and Instagram pages, and we share the post to about 30 pet and adoption sites in Northern and Central Florida. So be aware that we are casting a wide net for you, and you may get calls from a distance away.

  2. Priority is given to cats that are outside, at risk, or in need of placement due to sudden illness or death of the owner. But if the cat belongs to you or a family member, and there is no emergency circumstance, there may be some delay in posting and we do require that a realistic time frame has been established for the rehoming effort.

  3. We can advise you on how to evaluate adopters, handle a meet and greet, and take advantage of all adoption resources open to you.


Note: We will include a nominal adoption fee on every rehoming post as some sites do not allow free animals to be posted. This is for the cat’s safety. You set the amount of the nominal fee you will charge and collect it at the time of adoption.  


To submit rehoming materials, please  email to

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