Re-Homing Instructions for Courtesy Post


We assist with the re-homing of owned cats and friendly strays by
designing a courtesy post. To do so we need the following information.

1. Individual photos of the cat or kitten looking relaxed and making EYE CONTACT with the camera. We mean looking right at the camera, not just looking in the general direction. Sitting is a good posture. We can crop
and lighten. Facebook is a noisy place with a million images. Get the best
photo you can. * see examples

2. Info on the cat’s name if there is one, gender, age, and any vetting done (shots, spay, etc). Give us specifics of the cat’s personality traits, how he is with dogs, kids and other cats (if you know).

3. If you are assisting with re-homing an abandoned cat or a stray, tell us what you know (how long it has been around, whether it was left behind by a neighbor, what neighborhood it lives in, if the cat has been checked for a
chip, etc)

4. Provide a phone number for the post. We will not put your name on the  post, but a phone number for people to text/call is required

5. We will not be involved in checking out potential adopters. That will be up to you. Please ask questions! Make sure you are comfortable that the person will be a responsible adopter.

6. Please keep in contact with us through Facebook messaging. We will let you know when the post is up so you can respond to questions people may ask. If the cat is adopted through the post or otherwise, please let us
know. If the cat is not re-homed and you need it re-posted, please let us know that too.

When ready you can send to our Facebook messenger or email to